Spreadex Review: Spread Betting & Fixed Odds

Like playing another casino game, choosing a platform to play sports betting sometimes requires being really selective. It is a great choice to play on a platform that has a long history, so we can see how good or bad their track record is. When talking about sports betting, there is an online platform that has a long history and has become a pioneer in the sector.

This platform is called Spreadex and is a popular betting platform in the UK. But there are differences between this platform and another; it offers spread betting and fixed odds betting.

This offers certain advantages, but sometimes makes the player a little confused. So, to help people understand these concepts, we will break them down in this Spreadex review.

About Spreadex

Before we start talking about the offers, we need to understand the basic information first. Spreadex is actually a financial trading service provider that also offers sports betting and spread betting.

They start operating around 1999. Their office is located in London, and in 2006 they started to launch their first online sports betting service.

Because of their positive growth, this company has become a pioneer in spread betting in the UK and has more than 60.000 accounts that trade using Spreadex to access more than 10.000 global markets in shares, FX, bitcoin, commodities, exchange-traded funds, etc.

Spreadex licensing

Spreadex is a trustworthy bookmarker. It is because they have licenses from the UK Gambling Commission. which means this site operates under full and strict regulation under this gambling commission. Furthermore, this gambling company also has a great reputation as a bookmaker. It can be proof that this company is trustworthy, and playing with them will keep you safe from trouble.

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Spreadex Review Spread Betting and Fixed Odds

Spreadex Review: Spread Betting And Fixed Odds

The first step to using Spreadex is understanding the difference between spread betting and betting on fixed odds. We will give you a little description of those two differences.

Spread betting

Actually, spread betting is when you buy or sell based on the outcome of an event. Whether the outcome will be higher or lower than the spread. There are two ways to price the options available. If you think the outcome will be higher, you will buy. On the other hand, if you feel like the outcome will be lower, you sell.

Spreadex offers spread betting for all major sports around the world. You can bet on tennis, horse racing, football, cricket, and American football. But the market will differ a little bit when you choose spread betting on horse racing.

In this game, the player can place a bet on an individual horse, the number of wins for the jockey, winning distances, etc. For football, you can place bets on the under or over market for goals, full-time results, and corners. Spreadex is excellent and offers an amazing live experience on their platform.

Fixed odds

On a fixed-odds spreadex, you will get the same system as many online betting platforms. This fixed-odds system is usually called a sportsbook on another platform. You will get a chance to bet on any outcome. But if you make fixed odds, you need to click the odds displayed under “back.”

When you first visit and register on Spreadex, you will see the homepage, and on that page, you can see all the odds available on different sports.

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The most popular option is to bet on horse racing and football. On this part, you will have access to more than 20 sports and events. The market options that are available include the over/under for both team and scorers, the coal corner market, etc.


Spreadex is a unique company, being the only place that provides spread betting and fixed odds betting. And all of them work really well together.

It is a really great option for everyone who wants to bet both ways, and the site is designed to be accessible so there is no confusion at all. Overall, they provide excellent service and a satisfying experience for players.

However, if you need another option to play sports betting, We have another recommendation platform to play those games. The platform name is 7LiveAsia.

On the site, you will find many sports options to bet on, including soccer, basketball, tennis, horse racing, or even eSports. There are also many betting options on the site. So, if you want to have a different experience, you should check out the 7LiveAsia website.


How big should my bankroll be to play sports betting?

There is no single answer to this question; your bankroll can be any size based on your risk tolerance and as long as you feel comfortable with it. But make sure that the amount of money is something you can afford to lose.

Which sports are the hardest to bet on?

In general, maybe we can say that American football is the most difficult, but again, it also depends on the team that you’re going against.

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How do I get free bets in sports betting?

Usually, free bets come as a bonus that online casinos offer. You have a chance to get a free bet if you play sports betting or other games on 7LiveAsia.