Playtech Live Casino Games Overview

Live casino may become the most popular online casino game. Because of the atmosphere that you will get, it is similar to playing at a physical casino facility. As a result, there are numerous options for live casino games from various game developer companies on the market. Sometimes, the more options, the more confused you are.

Based on that, today we will give you an insight into one of the biggest game developer companies in the market, called Playtech. We hope that this Playtech live casino games review will help you to choose the right games for you.

Company Overview

Before we start to talk about how good Playtech live casino games are, you need to know a few things about the company. We can say that Playtech is the largest online casino games development company.

Playtech was born in 1999 and their offices are located in the Isle of Man, as well as in many countries around the world with more than 1000 staff. They have three studios for their live dealers.

The first studio is in Manila, Philippines and has been operating since 2003, The second studio is Riga studio in Latvia, which was announced to the public in 2009, and the third studio is the Rumanisan studio. They launched in early 2017, The entire studio is focused on games for the European and Asian markets.

Playtech Live Casino Games Review

Selection of Playtech Live Casino Games

As the largest online casino game provider, Playtech also has a huge selection of online casinos. Choosing the right games to match your preferences and abilities can be difficult.So that’s why we gathered the list of Playtech live casino games selection and gave you a review. I hope it will make it easier to choose.

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Live roulette

Playtech offers two types of classical tables; all players have the option to play European or French live roulette. The table layout of each other is mostly traditional.

The differences between the two are just that the European version gives you a racetrack, while the French does not. Other than that, the games have the same rules, payout, and have 37 traditional pockets.

Live baccarat

Playtech offers baccarat variations, but their live baccarat games are primarily focused on the classic. When it comes to baccarat, Playtech has a good reputation because many gamblers can get the best high-quality video streaming. Playtech is always giving multiple views with their multiple cameras, so all the players will get the best view.

Live Blackjack

There are multiple versions of blackjack that are offered by Playtech providers. They mostly follow the same rules as other blackjack games. There are three side bets: perfect pair, bet behind, and 21+3.

Playtech also created the unlimited version of blackjack. These games basically follow the same traditional blackjack rules. But the differences are in unlimited blackjack, A user can place a bet on the outcome of any hand that is available on the table.

Everything is still the same except for that part. unlimited Live blackjack still has an 8-deck shoe and the dealer stands on 17.

The Key Aspect of The Playtech Live Casino 

There are so many live casino games that Playtech provides, but instead of wasting time reading the explanations one by one, we will give you the highlights of the best things that you can get when playing live casino from Playtech.

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The good part about Playtech live casinos is their easy accessibility. because all the games can be accessed by many types of devices. As a result, you can play the games on your mobile phone whenever and wherever you want.

Not only that, Playtech games also didn’t require you to download an app, so you can play the games from the site. The games are also responsive, because no one found lag while playing streaming games.

Another pro of Playtech live casino games is the large selection of languages that are available. It’s important because when you play live streaming games, sometimes you will have interaction with the live dealer.

You will find English, Turkish, French, Arabic, Greek, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and many more as the option of the language.

Playtech Best Live Casino Website

After a lengthy explanation, we will make a recommendation for the best site to play Playtech live casino games. It is 7live.Asia, the best online casino site where you can find a wide selection of casino games from the most trusted and popular game providers.

Not only Playtech, but at 7liveAsia you will also find other game providers such as Opus Gaming, Gameplay, Pragmatic Play, and Evolution Games.

7live.Asia is designed to be easy to access, so even if you are a beginner, you will still be able to play all the games on the website easily.

Not just easy access, 7live.Asia would also give you a big bonus offering daily. So, go check on the website. 7live.Asia will give you all the things that a good casino site usually offers. Good luck.

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As the live casino games draw the attention of many gamblers, Playtech develops very beautiful and impressive games that will entertain every player.

There are many variants of the games that have quicker time playing and quicker betting. Also, so many language options will help the player to play live streaming and have interaction with the dealer.


Why choose the games from the Playtech developer?

Playtech is on the top list of developers of online casino games, and they offer high quality games.

What is the most popular Playtech live casino game?

There’s Mega Fire Blaze Roulette, French Roulette, Quantum Roulette, all bet blackjack, and adventures beyond Wonderland.

Can the Playtech live games be manipulated?

No. Playtech is a high-quality game provider company that is always compliant with gambling laws in major jurisdictions. They work based on the rules.