Microgaming Live Dealer & Casino Review

Live dealer games were first announced in public in the mid-2000s. From the name, you can simply assume how these games work, right? These games are actually live streaming games that you can play with a human dealer, not just a computer.

Quite interesting? But you know, in the market, you will find many live dealer games with different types and quality. Sometimes we can choose the right games by reading the developer games companies’ websites. So today we will give you a review of one of the leading live dealer game providers, called Microgaming.

Microgaming Company Overview

First, before starting to talk about Microgaming live dealer games, you need to know some basic information about this company. Microgaming can be labelled as a pioneer in the gambling industry because this company has a long history in the industry.

Since their first launch in 1944, Microgaming has grown so fast and now provides more than 800 casino games that you can find at over 700 gaming sites all around the world.

In 2004, Microgaming became the first developer that launched mobile casino software, and now they provide more than 350 game titles that can be played on smartphones and tablets.

Supported by the licensed UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority, they have a massive portfolio now, and live dealer games are one of their best portfolios that started to appear in public in 2006.

Microgaming Live Dealer and Casino Review

Selection Of Microgaming Live Dealer Games

Microgaming provides so many live dealer games, but today we are going to talk about their most popular live dealer game. Most of the game rules are the same as the standard rules that are usually used. A player can choose the games with different betting limits.

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Also, they can choose to select a game view or a casino view. What you will get when you first start the games is the introduction of your live dealer and the information that is displayed on the screen. Now let’s start to talk about the most popular live dealer games from Microgaming.

Live roulette will show you what it feels like to be standing next to the physical casino table. Everything seems so realistic, except for the roulette wheel.

Microgaming uses multiple cameras to give the player more angles. You will get 15 seconds to place a bet. And if the player failed for ten rounds, the software would detect them as an inactive player and give you back to the lobby.

Live blackjack from Microgaming allows players to see other tables behind the table that they are playing at. This view can be changed by switching to the full screen mode.

It has the same standard blackjack rules as standard. Players having 15 seconds to place their bet on game. Play microgaming blackjack with 7 or 8 decks and a manual shoe.

In this game section, players can choose to play at a single or multi-player baccarat table. They have standard rules for punto banco. The feature that the players will get is that they can track the games with a scoreboard and also get a detailed history.

Also, they can track their personal history, how many wins and losses they have had, and all the money that they have spent. The good side is that the game scenario can be changed to fit your needs or preferences.

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Hold’em in a Live Casino

Using the standard rules, live casino hold’em makes all the players play the same hand and single deck. Similar to roulette, players can change the game view and casino view.

Players can also get benefits from their statistics and history. This game doesn’t require you to understand the complicated rules, so live casino hold ’em is a good game to try if you are a beginner.

Sic Bo

Microgaming sic bo has a strong Asian game design. Players will see so much red and gold but also get the exclusive game at the same time.

On the screen, there is history on the left, and on the right, there are statistics. Overall, players will get the feeling that they are participating in an exclusive and high-quality game.

Competitive Advantages of Microgaming Live Dealer

After discussing game selection, in general, there are several competitive advantages. From the language they offer, their live dealers and other categories,

Mostly, casino sites will provide Microgaming live dealer games with English as their language. But don’t worry, English is not the one and only language that this provider supports. Because this provider makes their games available in 20 languages for worldwide players.

Are you curious about what a Microgaming live dealer looks like? We will give you little description. The live dealer is usually dressed in black, a sexy costume.

They are always smiling and talkative. They’re not going to address you by your name, but rather as ‘new player,’ so it’s not personal. But the bad part is, the lack of live chat functionality may make the interaction just one-way and not a dialogue.

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Microgaming makes many of their games available on Android, iOS, and Windows, but it appears that live dealer games are only available on desktop and computer.

Other than that, Microgaming’s product quality is at a high level and their live dealer is the Prima donna with their stunning live dealer. But they didn’t offer live chat, even though this feature is important.


In general, what Microgaming brings to the table is a high-quality product with good features. Even though they are not perfect and still have deficiencies, there is no major problem. If you are interested in trying high-quality live dealer games, you should visit 7live.Asia.

There are so many high-quality live casino games, with high bonus offers, safety, professional customer service, and other special treatment. You will get good-quality games that match your expectations. Good luck!


What are live dealer games?

Live dealer games are live streamed games that use human dealers on the screens.

What kinds of games are available for playing with human dealers?

There are Blackjack, Casino Hold’em, Roulette, Baccarat, and Sic Bo.

How to play live dealer games?

It’s similar to playing in the gambling facilities. The difference is that you can play from your smartphone. First, you need to register on an online casino site such as 7live.Asia.

After that, make your first deposit and choose what kind of live dealer game you like. Then you are ready to start the live dealers games.