Is Online Blackjack Rigged

When it comes to online blackjack, the most questionable part of the game is whether online blackjack is rigged or not. This unanswered question sometimes leads to myths and misconceptions about how these games actually work.

We will give you a reasonable explanation to debunk the myth that some people feel like these games can be manipulated. That said, sometimes when you lose the games, it’s not about the blackjack being rigged or manipulated. Sometimes it’s just bad luck that bumps into us. So here’s the explanation, hoping you understand the point.

Why Do People Think Online Blackjack Is Rigged?

We need to understand why people keep questioning the same things, like ‘is online blackjack rigged or not?’ The human brain sometimes loves how conspiracy theories work. Our brain keeps leading us to think that so many things in this universe are rigged against us.

By gathering and connecting the patterns that become a scenario. Even though the pattern didn’t make sense and there was no link between one and the other.

This concept is also applied when playing online casino blackjack and the brain keeps looking at the sign to prove that what is in our mind is correct.

So if your mind keeps telling you that online blackjack is rigged, your brain will keep looking for patterns and evidence to prove that what’s in your mind is the right situation. To put it simply, you’re trying to fool yourself.

Is Online Blackjack Rigged

Is Online Blackjack Really Rigged?

Welcome to the section where we can give you the answer to the main question. So is online blackjack really rigged against us? We can say that the answer is no, and all of your money will be safe. Of course, we can say something like that based on the evidence, and here is the list of several reasons you need to read about.

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Online casinos didn’t need to cheat on you

You have to know that online casinos didn’t have to manipulate the games to make money. Because no matter what, they make sure that they can make money from online blackjack, no need to cheat on the player.

As we know that Casinos are one of the most profitable businesses and They have already calculated all the things that they do, so they can keep making money without doing you anything dirty.

Online Casinos Operate With Regulation

Every online casino is regulated and licensed by a third party such as the gaming authority. This is a sign that all the systems will operate in a fair way and also, to always make sure all the players’ money is safe.

Some of them are regulated by the state gaming commission, while others get their regulation from online regulatory bodies. You need to take note that becoming a regulatory body is not easy. They have to prove that they always have a good reputation. Because when they get a little scandal, they will probably be kicked out of the business.

Online Casinos Using RNG

Alright, this last point may be the most important thing you have to highlight. RNG, or random number generator, is a system that is responsible for making random outcomes in games. Most of the trusted online casino sites use this system to operate their blackjack games.

The goal is to make sure that all the gaming activities are fair and every player gets the same treatment. So no one gets an unfair gaming experience. Also, independent game authorities always regularly check the RNG machine. They do regular evaluation and auditing of the system.

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The final thought is that online blackjack operates fairly and safely. They use RNG to make sure that all the outcomes are not manipulated. Furthermore, a reputable casino site is always regulated and licensed by a gaming authority. So, to make sure you don’t get a bad experience with gambling, always choose the most trusted online casino site.

One of the most popular online casino sites that provides you with fair blackjack games is 7live.Asia. You will find so many live casino games and also other types of games such as slots, poker, sports betting and many more. All the games are high-quality games from popular game providers.

7live.Asia also has so many features that will support you to achieve more money and profit. You will get a regular bonus and be served by the best customer support team. Also, you don’t have to worry about your safety. All games and transactions can be completed on the safest and most comfortable platform.


What kinds of blackjack games can I play?

There are so many blackjack options. But the basic game is Blackjack with US and European rules. There are single-hand and multi-hand games that come with many side bets.

Is it true that blackjack can really be beaten?

Yes. It can, but you need to learn and try to apply strategies to do that.

If blackjack can really be beaten, then why do so many casino players lose the games?

It’s because most of them didn’t want to spend their time learning really well about the strategies. Most of them play by using their feelings and keep guessing while playing the games.

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