How To Play 3 Card Poker

Too bored to play conventional poker games? Looking for an option that will provide you with new experience in poker games? Perhaps you should try 3 card poker games, one of the most popular casino table games that will give you a new vibe, and fun games that are simple to learn.

You will also be competing against a live dealer. So, the atmosphere is much more than just fun. You will never get bored.

Now, in these articles, we will guide you to starting your first game as a 3 card player. Let’s take a look at a simple guide that will teach you not only the basics of the game but also how to play it.

The Definition of 3 Card Poker Games

3 card poker games are basically poker games that use one deck of 52 cards. These games are part of the casino table games that will allow 7 players at the table. Every position has 3 spaces that are marked on them: Ante, Play, and Pair plus. Every player can start to play by placing a bet in that position . Whether it’s Ante, Pair Plus, or both.

The only way to win these games is by playing against a live dealer. After the player sees their card, they must make sure if the card they have can be used against the delaers’ card or not.

If they are sure that their hands can beat the live dealers, they must make an additional wager called “the play.” On the other hand, if they are not really sure that their hand can beat the dealers, the player must push the card along with their bet to show that they are not going to make a play.

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How To Play 3 Card Poker

How to Play 3 Card Poker Games

If you’re still confused about the details or steps to starting playing 3 card games, we will give you an explanation of every step of the games. Here’s the step:

1. Place a bet

The first step that every player has to do is place a bet on the ante or pair plus. After the player places their bet, they have to wait for the card to be shared by the live dealer and also the player. Everyone will get 3 cards, and all the cards will be face down.

2. Make a choice

After the player gets the card, they have to make a choice. Are they sure that their hand can defeat the live Dealer hands or not? If they are sure, the player must make another wager that is equal to their ante bet. Then place the card in the play area with the face down position of the card. If they are not sure, what they do is fold and ante bet.

3. The dealer turns the card over.

After all the players have placed their own bets, the live dealer will turn the card over and make the best possible poker hand.

4. Dealers must meet the eligibility requirements.

After that, the live dealer hand has to meet the qualifications that are required. The dealer has to get a hand of the queen high or better than that.

If this qualifier doesn’t meet with the hand of the dealer, ante bets will be paid to all players with the hand ratio of 1:1. And the wager will be back to the player.  On the other hand, if the dealer meets the qualification, the ante bet and play bet will be paid at 1:1

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3 Card Poker Betting Option

Alright, in the topic of how to play 3 card poker step by step, we mentioned the ante, or play wager, or pair plus. Did you have any questions, such as, “What is it?” In a simple answer, those are the betting options in 3-card poker. and there are several options that you have to know about.

Usually, players will place bets in the ante area, which means the player bets are against the live dealer. The ante bet is the player’s final poker hand that must defeat the dealer’s hand.

If a player places a bet in the ante spot and then changes their mind, they must place a bet in the play spot equal to the ante bets. And if they didn’t really like their poker hand, they refused to wager on the play spot. So their ante bet is forfeited.

A bet in the pair plus area means the player wants to play their own hand. How to win in these bets is that the player’s hand must be equal with a pair, flush, straight, three of a kind, and also straight flush.

Poker players are also allowed to place a bet in ante to play against the dealer and also, at the same time, place their bet in pair plus to play with their own hand. To win both of them, the player must make a pair or beat the 3 card poker hand dealers.


That’s all there is to 3-card poker and how to play this fascinating game. 3 card poker may become a good option for everyone that feels bored of basic poker games. You will find many betting options and also fun games to play in your spare time.

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Should I try to play 3 card poker?

Yes, you should. Because there are great advantages to playing these games, such as low stakes and free games are available.

Can I play 3-card poker online?

Yes, you can. Everyone can play these games online.

What is the easiest poker game to play?

You can try to play draw poker games. It’s the easiest poker game to learn and play.