How To Get Extra Money With Online Casino Affiliate Program

There are many ways to earn extra money with online casinos. You can earn more money by taking advantage of casino bonus offers, gambling and winning, or using an online casino affiliate program. As we know, gambling is a multi-billion dollar industry, and you can get the money from it if you want to put in a little hard work. So if you are ready to make this serious effort, we will tell you how to earn extra money as an online casino affiliate below.

How Online Casino Affiliate Works

Casino affiliate programs are another name for player referral programs. Both of them have the same goals, just in different terms. For online casinos, this affiliate program is a campaign to get more new players. By providing a special link to those online casinos to a person known as an affiliate, when this affiliate person acquires a new client, they will use that link. So both the affiliate person and the online casino get benefits from it. when the affiliate person gets money and the online casino gets new players. So this program actually provides win-win solutions.

Online Casino Affiliate Program

Online Casino Affiliate Commissions

On casino affiliate programs, the online casinos usually have different ways to pay the commissions. But we’ve gathered the most common methods for sharing the commissions. Usually, online casinos offer an affiliate program with three types of ways to share commissions: first, they use revenue sharing, then CPA, or a combination of the two methods.

A CPA refers to a fixed commission. This commission will be paid every time the new player finally makes a deposit. and the amount of commission will be fixed. The amount of money will depend on the casino market and the type of traffic that you get.

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Revenue sharing or cost-per-sale marketing is the second type of commission. So basically, the player will get paid based on whatever the customer purchases from the casino. Typically, revenue-sharing offers range between 25% and 50%.

So this method is actually a combination of CPA and revenue share. For example, in affiliate marketing, you can receive a fixed amount of money (say, $50) and then add a percentage of share revenue, say, 15%.

How To Get Extra Money With Online Casino Affiliate

A step-by-step guide to becoming an online casino affiliate is provided below. You can do this step for free, but make sure to sign up to get paid for the work that you do. Here is the simple step to join the casino affiliate program:

First, before you join an affiliate program, you need to choose a market, which in this case is the online casino industry. After that, you can select your market based on different things. It can be based on the location, type of gambling, or even a combination of all three. Some of the most successful affiliate marketers began with small, niche gambling sites. So the casino website that targets hundreds of different countries is not always that great for starting this affiliate.

After you’ve decided on a market and conducted your own research, you can join the casino affiliate program. Usually, joining this kind of program is free. so you don’t have to spend more money to start it.

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After signing up as a casino affiliate, you can start promoting the site. Then you can make money from it. Don’t forget that networking is also an important thing you need to keep in mind every time you do a job as a Casino affiliate. Starting with a small relationship can be a great way to get in touch and share links with your partner.


There are many ways to make money if you play around in an online casino. Whether you join an affiliate program, use a bonus, or simply win at casino games, aside from joining the casino affiliate program, we cannot deny that casino bonuses are an excellent way to increase your earnings. So if you want to collect more money from casino bonuses, you should visit 7Live.Asia. There are many bonuses, up to 100%, that you can get from them.


How much money do we need to join the casino affiliate program?

There is no cost to join the affiliate program; it’s 100% free.

Can I participate in more than just one affiliate program?

Yes, you can work together with multiple online casinos.

How do I join the online casino affiliate program?

Most online casinos will provide the affiliate link, which is usually labeled “affiliate program,” and you simply fill out the application form on that page.