Asia Gaming Online Casino & Live Dealer Company Review

Behind the good quality of online casino games, we need to give thanks to many of these game provider companies. They create a lot of attractive games with different themes and types.

You may have heard about many software development companies with their own target markets. Some of them choose European countries as their target markets, and the others are Asian countries.

One of the leading providers that is Asian-based is Asia Gaming. And today we’ll give you a detailed explanation and review of Asia Gaming’s online casino and live dealer games. Let’s check this out.

Asia Gaming Casino: Company Overview

Asia gaming casino was born in 2012, and this company didn’t need a long time to be recognized as the most innovative Asian gaming provider. With the motto of “Impressive Experience Only,” they really give the game player an interesting experience by offering more than 100 slot games, video poker games, and table games.

From the name, we will easily notice that Asian gaming products are actually focusing on Asian market players but are still available for players from Europe or other countries in the world.

Their live dealer is certified by Gaming Laboratory International and is supported by the licensed First Cagayan.And Asian gaming also became popular because of its innovation in the live dealer sector.

Asia Gaming Online Casino

Online Casino Games From Asia Gaming

Among a lot of online casino games that are offered by Asia Gaming, live casino is the most popular one. Asia Gaming, well known as a game provider, creates live casino games with a classy style and an impressive look of the studio.

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On their live casino platform, there are five lobbies called AGQ, BID, VIP, and Multipay. Now we’ll go over the basics of Asia Gaming online casino games.

Live Baccarat

Let’s start with the most popular game, live baccarat. What you will see if you play Asia Gaming live baccarat is a live dealer with an impressive background. You will see a casino floor with many casino tables. But sadly, the cards dealt are not easy to read.

Similar to other live casino games, you will hear the live dealer’s voice while making an announcement about the right time to place a bet and the correct result.

There is also background music and a casino sound, but if you don’t really like it, you can turn it off.On the screen, you’ll also see a menu with quick access to lobby, game rules, and game settings.

Players will be able to use eight decks with eight player positions, and you will get one position when you start to enter the games. There are several side bets. For example, there are banker and player paIr, big and small, banker dragon bonus and player dragon bonus.

Live Dragon Tiger

In general, Dragon Tiger has a similarity to Baccarat. The difference is that it’s just about the card. Where Dragon and Tiger have on their Dragon and Tiger cards, the visuals of the games also have no differences with live baccarat.

Live Blackjack

Even when Asia Gaming is focused on the Asian market, this provider is still giving international players the opportunity to play. In the middle of 2017, they supplied European Blackjack. In this section of the game, there are several features, including a betting option.

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Live Roulette

Another European game that Asian gaming offers is live roulette. It has European standards. What the player will see on the screen is the live dealer, the wheel, and a digital betting table or ractracker to place a bet. Players are allowed to zoom in or zoom out of the video.

After that, there is also a useful function where you can find the display payout and also the betting limit. Other than that, the setting games and other options are still similar to Asia Gaming’s live baccarat.

Sic Bo Live

Play live Sic bo, you’ll get a super-sized video of the glass contained in the middle of the screen, as well as a digital table.

Similar to another set of Sic Bo rules, what you have to do is play with 3 dice that are being shaken by a mechanical container. And you can place a bet on the different outcomes.

Asia Gaming Features

There are several key points to consider when discussing Asai gaming culture. First, they offer online support for two languages for their live dealers (Chinese and English), so if you are not able to speak in these two languages, maybe you need to use the interface language provided by the online casino site that you choose.

Second, about live dealers: Asia’s live gaming is mostly attractive. With a total of 70 Asian live dealers that are dressed in revealing outfits. They are talkative, so you will often see them clapping their hands. The dealer will give you joy and good vibes while playing the games.

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If you are looking for a live dealer game, maybe you will like the Asia Gaming product due to its quality and also their cheerful live dealer. But if you do not like live casino games, you will still be able to try other games, which may be slots or other table games.

But, if you’re not really interested in these Asian gaming products, you can also try another provider’s games products at 7live.Asia.

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What other Asian Gaming products do you enjoy besides live casino?

There are slots, table games, and video poker.